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Peculiarities of Movies' Promotion as Intangible Products Assignment

Peculiarities of Movies' Promotion as Intangible Products - Assignment Example Movies are deemed intangible or experiential because they appeal both to the senses and the emotions. Movies, unlike tangible products such as toothpaste, have experiential attributes like â€Å"the original movie’s storyline, its genre, and memorable scenes. These attributes are typically featured in movie trailers and television ads; hence, they should be relatively easy to recall. In contrast to physical goods, we suggest that experiential attributes such as the storyline and genre tend to satiate such that consumers prefer to experience something different in the sequel; hence, dissimilarity is preferred to similarity†   (Sanjay Sood). There are three studies completed in the research article to examine four hypotheses. If you were planning the marketing strategy of a sequel, which hypothesis would be the most interesting to you? Which study? Why? The most interesting fact for someone planning a marketing strategy is Hypothesis 2: There will be an interaction between naming strategy and order of presentation in sequel evaluations. Numbered extensions will be rated more favorably when the title is presented after the description that when the title is presented before the description. There will be no significant difference in sequel evaluations when a naming strategy is used. This hypothesis is highly confirmed by Study 2. The study has the following findings: The pattern of interactions between presentation order and naming strategy suggests that numbered-sequel evaluations involved a greater degree of assimilation, indicating a greater reliance on the original movie as a basis for evaluations. When the numbered title was shown after the sequel description, respondents took longer to evaluate the sequels, they recalled more about the sequels, and they evaluated the numbered sequels more favorably. On the other hand, Consistent with a more piecemeal processing strategy, named sequels took longer to evaluate, and recall of sequel information was higher relative to a numbered sequel   (Sanjay Sood).

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Coverage Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Coverage - Assignment Example Little did Laing was sent to look for her. Bud a young teen sneezes and did not have a hand kerchief. Louis asks him to go and wash her face. Terrorists bumped in the dinner taking people in the dinner hostage. Sydney detects things are not right once she detects guys with machine guns. They hide with Laing where she appears to be Laing’s savior in a number of occasions. Louis decided to go and look for his daughter where he encounters with thugs and enters into a fight. He ended up being surviving gun wounds thanks to Sydney who called for Taffy to call the policemen (Thorp, 2012). COMMENTS: The script is not only quite scary but it possesses a number of essential teachings. Human consciousness is always live and right. Sydney was suspecting something bad was cooking since the beginning of the script. It is also evident that everyone no matter an adult or a child has the potential of saving people. Were it not Sydney who made efforts of contacting the police most probably the condition would become

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Role of Stakeholder Essay Example for Free

Role of Stakeholder Essay An organization is made possible by its human component, its human capital. Sociologically speaking, a business or a company is a social group, secondary or referential in nature, made up of the people that consider themselves as members of the organization. Beyond membership however there is another human component. These are the stakeholders. Stakeholders are individuals and groups that can affect or be affected by the actions of the organization as a whole. The notion of stakeholders had been introduced in 1963 by the Stanford Research Institute to describe and explain the importance of considering and factoring into any plan or strategy elements and concerns that would affect â€Å"individuals or organizations who stand to gain or lose from the success or failure of a system† (Nuseibeh Easterbrook, 2000). Broadly, it means anyone who has an interest in any matter or element in the organizations purview. As an example, let us take a sample organization a school. So, who would be the stakeholders? First-off, its students, pupils, teachers and support staff. Then we have the parents of the children, their families, the school board and the greater Academic organization that oversees the school for the county and for the state. Then we have the community that the school is a part of (since the school is the academic and social training ground that shapes the behavior and knowledge of their young) and in the broader view, we have the greater society who will be affected by the actions of the school in that the children that it educates will take part in their adult life via the varied roles and actions they will have and perform in society. As such, the greater American society has a stake in the quality and kind of education American kids receive in grade school and high schools across America. After all, the children are the future of this country. Now, for instance, if a public school closes down in a county due to budget cuts, all its stakeholders will be affected. The kids must be placed elsewhere; it will strain their families and the education system that must find locations and areas to accept them. The staff and the teachers are going to be out of a job affecting their ability to support themselves and their families economically and the county, the community, the school board and the greater academic system will be saddled with responsibilities over pupils and students to place them in schools and to provide professional and financial support according to contract to staff and teachers. The community will feel the strain of the closing of the school and the discontent and social collective feelings/opinions, either negative or positive will affect local politics. The displacement will affect the socialization of the children and the formation of their personalities for the rest of their lives. The greater impact then will be long term as the abrupt change in their education will shape their future selves, selves that in their adult life will take over from their parents in the varied roles important to their communities. With the example above, I hope that the idea of stakeholders is already clear. Now, Let us consider a business or a company. The following are general types that many private commercial organizations can identify with: †¢Owners/Capitalists they are interested in the success of their investment/business. †¢Creditors/Investors like the above, they are interested in the success but they look at the bottom-line liquidity, credit score and new contracts, for example. †¢Employees/Staff they are interested not only in the success of their organization but focus on their job security, rates of pay, compensation, communication, and the way that they are treated by the organization altogether. Clients/Customer they are interested in the value of the products and services, ethical practices, quality of service and costumer care. †¢Suppliers Partners they are interested in providing the raw materials as well as support and services for the organization as well as for their own equitable business interests which will be affected by the organizations actions and decisions, †¢Trade Unions their interest is in the protection of the rights, benefits and interests of their union members, †¢Greater Community their interest is in the provision of jobs to community members, transparency, CSR, environmental rotection, shares, ethical practice, etc. †¢Government the governments interest is in the legality of certain practices, equal opportunity, taxation, VAT and related legislatory concerns. From the above, we can see how and why and organizations health as well as its practices will be of interest to the listed stakeholders. For example, if capitalists are concerned that the business has lost its profitability, it can pull out from the arrangement resulting to its closure or failure of the owners and other stakeholders will be unable to take over and resolve the pull-out of primary capitalists. Additionally, if a company or organization fails, its staff will lose jobs affecting their economic capacities. If a company does not provide satisfactory client support, clients are going to be unhappy and might not go back to use the company for its services and goods in the future. Entrepreneurship is about taking risks, going for innovations and undertaking finance and business challenges to introduce new products and create new businesses. The challenges of ensuring stakeholders are not taken for granted requires an entrepreneurial mindset, the need to continually innovate so that all concerns are referenced in essential decision making. The reform element of entrepreneurship then is important in making the actions and decisions of an organization relevant to the needs and demands of its stakeholders.

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Was the U.S. Right or Wrong Using the Atomic Bomb in ?Hiroshima? Essay

  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  The history over few centuries shows that the Japanese never gave up, that they always choose â€Å"death† than â€Å"surrender†. These two articles which I was studying very carefully, shows two opposite opinions about the necessity of using the atomic bomb to the end of World War II. Gar Alperowicz, in his article, â€Å"Hiroshima Remembered: The U.S. was Wrong†, the evidence to prove that America didn’t need to use atomic bomb on Hiroshima and Nagashaki to end the war.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Contrary to this article John Connnor in his article â€Å"Hiroshima Remembered: The U.S. was Right† is trying to prove and convince reader that using atomic bomb on Hiroshima was necessary to end the war and it saved tremendous amount of American and Japanese lives. John Connor is using very emotional and very graphic language in his article. He called Japanese the â€Å"militarists† who are implacable, relentless enemies for â€Å"whom surrender was worse than death!† Their resistance was â€Å"savage† to the end in each battle they participate. As a proof of this, he mentioned the battle in Tarawa in 1943 where only 17 soldiers remain alive out of 5,000 soldiers â€Å"when the island was taken.† Another example is the battle in Saipan where only one thousand soldiers of 32,000 defending Japanese survived; 10,000 civilians were killed, among them a lot of children. Japanese â€Å"bashed their babies’ brains out of rocky cliff sides†¦ children threw grenades at each other.†17,000 Americans ...

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Aunt Alexandra in “To Kill A Mockingbird” by Harper Lee Essay

Aunt Alexandra comes to the Finch residence at the end of chapter twelve, declaring that the family decided that it would be best for Scout and Jem to have some feminine influence in their lives. Scout knows that Alexander usually dictates what she wants upon the family, and uses the term the family decided to make her an even greater point of authority in the Finch family. Usually her dictations give her chances to impress her views on others or increase the family name and work towards the ideal family that she envisions. Examples of her tyranny include the time she made Atticus attempt to impress on the children the facts of life and how she forced herself upon Atticus and the children (dictating that she should move in with in them). Aunt Alexandra makes refreshments for the Missionary Society. These refreshments she makes herself rather than getting Calpurnia to make them; perhaps this is attempt to prove herself superior to almost everybody else while also adding to her reputation of a good hostess. As well as making refreshments for the missionary society Aunt Alexandra joined the Maycomb Amanuensis Club and became the secretary. Aunt Alexandra is slightly hypocritical because as an incurable gossip she has no problem making down almost everyone in Maycomb but couldnt hear a word against herself or the rest of the Finch family. She also said that almost everyone in Maycomb had a streak but when Atticus pointed out that the Finches had an incestuous streak she completely denied it. Aunt Alexandra has many good and bad qualities most concern the maturation and upbringing of the children. Good qualities include the fact she wants the best for Jem, Scout and the rest of the family, she will uphold any moral (page 146), she had plenty of pride in her family and she constantly tries to improve herself (page 147). However she has a lot of bad qualities; she is dictative, she is prejudice and she believes Finches are of a higher class to almost all others. Aunt Alexandra is a major character in the story because of she is one of the only points of authority and the greatest feminine influence for Scout and Jem. Despite her faults she does what she believes is best for the children  and community. Sources: To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee

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What Do All of the Census Abbreviations Mean

No matter where in the world they are taken, census schedules usually offer very little room. Therefore, census takers often found it necessary to use abbreviations to get all of the required information onto the census form. These abbreviations – ranging from Na for naturalized to AdD for adopted daughter — can provide important information that may be critical to your research. Citizenship Status Census Abbreviations Al - Alien (not naturalized)Pa - First papers filed (declaration of intent)Na - NaturalizedNR - Not recorded or not reported Household Soundex Abbreviations Ad - Adopted AdAdCl - Adopted ChildAdD - Adopted DaughterAdGcl - Adopted GrandchildAdM - Adopted MotherAdS - Adopted SonAp - ApprenticeAt - AttendantAsst - AssistantA - AuntAl - Aunt-In-LawBar - BartenderBo - BoarderB Boy - Bound BoyB Girl - Bound GirlB - BrotherBl - Brother-In-LawBu - ButlerCap - CaptainCha - ChambermaidCl - ChildCoa - CoachmanCom - CompanionC - CousinCil - Cousin-In-LawD - DaughterDl - Daughter-In-LawDla - Day LaborerDw - Dish WasherDom - DomesticEmp - EmployeeEn - EngineerFaH - Farm HandFaL - Farm LaborerFaW - Farm WorkerF - FatherFl - Father-In-LawFi - FiremanFirst C - First CousinFoB - Foster BrotherFB - Foster BrotherFoSi - Foster SisterFS - Foster SisterFoS - Foster SonGod Child GodGo - GovernessGcl - GrandchildGd - GranddaughterGf - GrandfatherGM - GrandmotherGml - Grandmother-In-LawGs - Grand SonGsl - Grand Son-In-LawGGF - Great GrandfatherGGM - Great GrandmotherGGGF - Great Great GrandfatherGGGM - Great Great GrandmotherGni - Great- or GrandnieceGn - Great- or GrandnephewGua - GuardianHSi - Half SisterHSil - Half Sister-In-LawHb - Half BrotherHbl - Half Brother-In-LawHelp - HelperHe - HerderHGi - Hired GirlHH - Hired HandHlg - HirelingHk - HousekeeperHMaid - HousemaidHw - House WorkerLa- LaborerLau - LaundryL - LodgerMan - ManagerMat - MatronM - MotherMl - Mother-In-LawN - NephewNl - Nephew-In-LawNi - NieceNil - Niece-In-LawNi - NurseO - OfficerPa - PartnerP - PatientPh - PhysicianPor - PorterPri - PrincipalPr - PrisonerPrv - PrivatePu - PupilR - RoomerSa - SailorSal - SalesladySe - ServantSeCl - Servants ChildSi - SisterS - SonSl - Son-In-LawSb - Step BrotherSbl - Step Brother-In-LawScl - Step ChildSd - Step DaughterSdl - Step Daughter-In-LawSf - Step FatherSfl - Step Father-In-LawSgd - Step GranddaughterSgs - Step GrandsonSm - Step MotherSml - Step Mother-In-LawSsi - Step SisterSsil - Step Sister-In-LawSs - Step SonSsl - Step Son-In-LawSu - SuperintendentTen - TenantU - UncleUl - Uncle-In-LawVi - VisitorWt - WaiterWai - WaitressWa - WardenW - WifeWkm - Workman Language and Nativity Census Codes X0 - foreign bornX9 - born at sea Military Status From column 30 of the 1910 census: UA - Survivor of the Union ArmyUN - Survivor of the Union NavyCA - Survivor of the Confederate ArmyCN - Survivor of the Confederate Navy

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The Time of Imperialism for the Americas - 2453 Words

In 1492 when Christopher Columbus sailed the ocean blue he had no idea the future he had created for the world. For Europe and almost every other empire it was amazing realizing there was still an entire other world to be discovered and conquered. This â€Å"New World† that is modern day North and South America had two distinct consequences on almost every empire at the time: imperialism and colonization. Now even though most empires in Europe hopped on the colonization boat there are two extremely important ones that are mentioned more than others. Those empires are the famous British and Spanish Empires. When they decided to colonize the New World somehow their already wealthy countries grew even more powerful. Britain and Spain both wanted to expand their massive empire and even though they both colonized they still had some differences in their social and economic choices. First some backstory might be helpful to get a clear look and why these countries colonized. Spain wa s actually the first to create colonies. Spain had colonized a few Caribbean islands before they made the step to the mainland(Beck iBook). For Spain a few islands clearly just wasn’t enough and they would stop at nothing to continue their reign of power. The New World was an entire land full of gold and silver in their eyes. One of the major steps Spain took when it landed on the Americas, present-day Mexico to be exact, was when they encountered the Aztecs. . There is even an excerpt of Columbus meetingShow MoreRelatedPhilippine Insurrection828 Words   |  4 Pagesâ€Å"Imperialism in America† For a brief period of time, America became the exact thing it once strived to defeat: an imperialist.   The moment the Treaty of Paris was signed on February 6, 1899, America became an imperialist.   America was divided on the issue of imperialism.   Some said that imperialism was wrong because it was against everything our nation was founded upon.   Others saw imperialism as a chance to exploit people and land to earn power and prestige.   The following paragraphs will exploreRead MoreThe American War Of 18981372 Words   |  6 PagesThroughout the history of America, individuals have been exploring the frontier, broadening horizons, and pushing boundaries. During the eighteenth century, Americans set out to settle the western frontier, ingrained within them the idea of manifest destiny, which stated that the United States was destined to stretch from coast to coast. Individuals began to migrate west in droves, rapidly expanding the United States until they reached the P acific. In 1890, the Census Bureau declared that the frontierRead MoreIs There Any Good to Imperialism?1114 Words   |  4 Pagesany good to Imperialism? â€Å"Monopolies, oligarchy, the striving for domination and not for freedom, the exploitation of an increasing number of small or weak nations by a handful of the richest or most powerful nations. All these have given birth to those distinctive characteristics of imperialism which compel us to define it as parasitic or decaying capitalism.† (Ulyanov, P.286) Very strong words are used when talking about imperialism. Some people believe they know what imperialism is, but manyRead MoreThe Rise of American Imperialism Essay927 Words   |  4 PagesThe Rise of American Imperialism The idea of American Imperialism had both its advocates and its critics. One only needs to look at a map to see which side won. America has greatly expanded since its own phase as a colony of the greatest European Empire of the time. America became her own Empire through the accusation of vast territories through many different mean. Sometimes she purchases the mighty morsel, sometimes she forms it #8230; by the natural increase of her own people, sometimesRead MoreNegative Effects Of Imperialism973 Words   |  4 Pagesconquer. This decision impacted America and shaped it into what it is today. America annexed many new and useful lands due to this decision. Imperialism therefore, was justified because it provided protection and food for the developing countries. Imperialism also helped the United States acquire countless amounts of land with an abundance of resources. However, many argue that imperialism was harmful because it caused many people to lose their lives. Imperialism had many positive effects becauseRead MoreImperialism As An Economic Death Sentence Since Columbus Landed1572 Words   |  7 Pagesconnotation than imperialism. A word that encompasses the bloodiest of history, and is usually used in conjunction with colonialism and the stripping of all things deemed valuable from a foreign land. Specifically in Latin America, imperialism has been an economic death sentence since Columbus landed in 1492. Latin America has been depleted of raw materials and its natural resources by western conquerors (mostly Spain, Portugal, and the United States) for more than a half a century. Imperialism has usuallyRead MoreImperialism Could Have Grown American Into A World Power1525 Words   |  7 Pages Imperialism could have grown American into a world power and still have respected different cultures. Americans viewed the growing nation as a â€Å"melting pot† mixing all cultures into the â€Å"American culture†, which was at the root, white-supremacy. American imperialism was executed poorly by bulldozing the cultures, if America valued and coexisted with the different cultures, an incredible amount of culture and lives could have been saved. Expanding America should have been similar to making a mixedRead MoreEuropean Imperialism - Dbq Essay804 Words   |  4 Pagesthe history of the world, imperialism has played a major role. Imperialism is one country’s complete domination of the political, economic, and social life of another country. Imperialism has many positive and negative effects. The Age of Imperialism is considered 1800 - 1914. Duri ng this time Europe became a major world leader. European countries set up colonies all over Africa, Latin America, and Asia, and encouraged their citizens to populate them. European imperialism boosted Europe’s economyRead MoreImperialism : A Vital Goal And Factor1695 Words   |  7 PagesImperialism appears to be a vital goal and factor in the U.S during the late 1800s. Americans yearn to gain more control and soon rise to become a world power, similar to the conduct of our forefathers. However, this philosophy is counter to the origins of our country. We believed in life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, yet Americans were being hypocritical of this conviction. They took the action of colonizing other countries and tyrannizing them without their consent. With this in mindRead MoreEssay On American Imperialism1265 Words   |  6 Pagesbook, Our Country, about why the United States should support imperialism. He himself is American, but where exactly in America is un known. It is important that this established, as it makes it easier to understand his motivations for promoting what he thinks are best interests for America. The exact date of this publication is not given, but further research states it is from 1885. At around 1885 was a period of time where imperialism was a concept which was spreading quickly to many large countries